Life Groups

Disciple 6 - Student Ministry Life Group


Revolution United Student Ministries desires to see teenagers who, for the glory of the Father and in the power of the Spirit, spend a lifetime embracing the full supremacy of the Son, responding to His kingly reign in all of life, inviting Christ to live His life through them, and joining Him in making disciples among all peoples. The studies are grounded in Scripture and include the content areas of:

  • Apologetics
  • Core Doctrines
  • Servant Leadership
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Ethics
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Biblical Relationships
  • Evangelism and Missions
  • Worldview

Teenagers share in the leadership of the sessions. They prepare to disciple believers now and for a lifetime, nearby and to the ends of the earth. We meet weekly and even have field trips throughout the semesters and promote team building and unity.