Sunday AM Groups

 What is a Sunday AM Group? Simple. Its a Sunday morning Bible study, where you study Scripture in a classroom setting, make friends, and get to know your church family. Groups available are based on age, gender, marital status, what service you attend, and more. Browse through the selection of groups and plan on trying one on Sunday morning. There is no need to register for these groups. Just stop on by and jump in!

Revolution 10th-12th grade boys


 Students will go to one of 4 classes (7th-9th grade boys, 7th-9th grade girls, 10th-12th grade boys, 10th-12th grade girls). Students will be led through a discipleship journey through the D6 curriculum" focusing one month on the New Testament, one month on the Old Testament, and one month on special characteristics of God. This is a journey that begins August 6, 2017 and will guide them all throughout middle and highschool. Students will be send up with devotionals for the week as well. And Don't Forget.... First Sunday of the Month is DONUT DAY! Hope to see you there!