Youth Camp (X-FUGE 2018)

You can pay and Register online Beginning January 1, 2018!

X-Fuge on Mission

June 11-15, 2018

XFuge on Mission is a customizable mission trip for our students built into a camp experience. Every morning starts with camp-wide worship before our group heads off to a ministry site chosen just for us. XFuge on Mission gives our students the opportunity to serve side by side and build group unity.

What's Included with CAMP?

- camp, transportation, 2 t-shirts, lodging, all food except 1 lunch!

COST - $305 (See payment schedule below) - $100 due to register by January 25, 2018

$100 - due on March 11, 2018

$105 - due on May 20, 2018


Featuring - Camp Pastor - Duke Dismukes

Duke is a full-time, enthusiastic evangelist with a passion to convey the timeless principles and truths of the Word of God in an upfront, expository manner that students and adults are able to relate to, understand, and live out. “I want students and adults to fall deep in love with God and His Word so that they will live outside the comfort of their homes, friends, and church. I want them to take the Gospel of Christ to all peoples.” Duke, his wife Ashley, and their three children, live in Orlando, FL. Duke graduated from the University of Mobile with a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Studies and is pursuing his Masters in Christian Education at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Duke has served in student ministry for over 15 years as a Camp Pastor for Fuge Camps, Student Pastor, Volunteer Middle School Pastor, Camp and Development Director, Chaplain for inner city schools, and an evangelist. Through God, Duke has been able to speak to adults and students throughout the southeastern part of America through retreats, conferences, Disciple Nows, revivals, and camps.


 Worship Leader -KK Owsiany

KK was born and raised in Florida. At the start of her college career she became heavily involved with her church’s youth program and felt a calling to youth ministry. Two years ago she had the opportunity to be a church leader for a camp trip to FUGE that was held at the University of Mobile, and on that trip a love for FUGE was sparked. She began leading worship about three years ago when God opened up an opportunity for her to be the worship leader for her college BCM program. From there she was almost immediately asked to lead worship for a few college groups and children’s ministries in her hometown. She served on staff at her home church in FL as the Children’s Ministry Worship Leader for four years and her most recent leadership position was with an amazing college group called Collide, where she served for two years until God called her to Mobile, AL.

KK is now a junior studying communication at the University of Mobile. She travels every weekend with an ensemble form her school called the Sounds of Mobile and loves every moment spent with her “Sounds Fam.” KK says “Being at UM and now serving on staff with FUGE is something that only God could have orchestrated for me. When I think about how just two years ago I was a church leader at FUGE, and now every day I get to walk the same campus where I fell in love with FUGE, it blows my mind.” She is beyond excited to see what God has planned for this summer and she is praying daily that He will be glorified through this experience.

What is Fuge?

At XFuge, you will jump into ministry with local communities and serve people in need. Our highly trained FUGE staffers will take care of the details, lead Bible study and facilitate the planning for each day.

At XFuge, Our church group participates in Bible study, team building and ministry projects together. Off-site ministry is facilitated within Bible study groups by a member of our trained FUGE camp staff, who also leads the Bible study. Ministry sites vary by location, but groups are trained and equipped for ministry through activities such as painting and yard work, facilitating activities with kids, or working in a homeless shelter. Adult leaders from your church accompany Bible study groups to the ministry site.  Lunch is provided at ministry site.

During the day your students will be challenged and stretched as individuals; in the evenings, you’ll have an opportunity to build group unity over dinner,  worship, fellowship and church group devotions.

X-Fuge on mission is designed to give students a mission experience that opens their eyes to similar opportunities they may have to serve in their own communities, learning to live every day life on mission!


June 11—Leave for West Palm Beach (Camp day)

JUNE 15—Head Home



You can pay and Register online


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JANUARY 25- $100 Non-refundable deposit due

March 11- $100 due

May 20 - $105 due



Adult Chaperone - $175