Winter SWO

Theme: EXILES -- A Study in 1 Peter


Even though 1 Peter was written 2,000 years ago to Christians scattered across the Roman empire it still has so much to tell us today. The whole point of Peter’s letter was to help God’s people know how they needed to be faithful to God while living as sojourners and exiles on this earth. There couldn’t be a better description of the situation we find ourselves in today.

Dates: January 1-5*

Cost: $225

Deposit: $75

Winter SWO does not include skiing anymore. Our group will go snow tubing on our own.

Fundraisers and scholarships will both be available to help with costs.

Cash or check can be labeled and dropped in the mailbox in the youth zone (preferred method), or payment can be designated to SWO/Youth Camp at and send a screenshot of the payment confirmation to

*Brevard Public Schools resume on January 5, so students will miss one day of school.